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Vehicle Air Conditioning Service

R134A £79.95 (inc VAT) ~ R1234YF £129.95 (inc VAT)

Many vehicles now come with air conditioning as standard or can have similar climate control systems. These systems are designed to last the lifetime of the vehicle, however they do require regular checking to ensure that they continue to work efficiently and safely.

We can also carry out diagnostic investigation within the air-conditioning system and carry out repairs. We can also offer nitrogen leak testing of the air conditioning system.

Why should I have my vehicle air conditioning serviced?

To ensure that your vehicle air conditioning system works efficiently, we recommend that you have your system tested annually. Why? Because it could:
  • Save on your fuel costs
  • Our system service includes anti-bacterial cleansing of system
  • Ensure the air conditioning system works safely and efficiently
  • It can help prevent unpleasant smells and odours
  • Reduce build up of bacteria in the system
  • Prevention of possible illnesses eg. sore throats/allergic reactions etc
  • Replace possible leaking refrigerant gases
  • Enjoy all year round benefits

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