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Car Servicing

Regular service is one of the best ways to extend the life of your vehicle. Servicing will help your vehicle run more efficiently, ensure reliability and be safer to drive. Within the service inspection 40(minor) to 60 (full) points of inspection of your vehicle will be carried out Including full brake inspection, tyre examination & battery life test Including applying the correct grade synthetic oil for your vehicle.

Here's a simple guide to illustrate what is covered in a minor services and full/annual service.

Type of Service Minor Service Annual (Full) Service
Oil and oil filter replacement Yes Yes
Fluid levels check & top up
Brake fluid Yes Yes
Anti-freeze wash Yes Yes
Power Steering fluid Yes Yes
Windscreen wash Yes Yes
Essential checks
Lights Yes Yes
Windscreen wipers Yes Yes
Battery condition Yes Yes
Charging system Yes Yes
Exhaust Condition Yes Yes
Tyre tread and pressure Yes Yes
Full brake check Yes Yes
Steering check Yes Yes
Shock absorbers check Yes Yes
Suspension check Yes Yes
Auxiliary Belt check Yes
Wheel alignment check Yes
Wheel bearing check Yes
Wheel balance Yes
Brake fluid condition Yes
Fuel Filter (Diesel) Yes
Spark Plugs (Petrol) Yes
Air filter Yes